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Greenteam Media. services include Mastering.  What is audio mastering? It is the final creative step before replication. It is the process of leveling and enhancing the overall mix. But more than that, audio mastering is the opportunity to have someone with an experienced set of ears make sure your music will sound its best.  Every session is booked with Phil Green who is a highly qualified and experienced Audio Engineer.

Do you have the lyrics but not the music? Phil works directly with you to create original music to go along with your lyrics.  Get the production you need to express your musical ideas and talent.  

Original Production Music Call for quote

Video Production - Call for quote

*overtime charges may apply for
after-hours sessions and 'no
show' fees apply for any sessions
not cancelled within 4 hours of scheduled session. 
Rate Card

Studio Recording
(Price includes Engineering & Mastering)
$60.00 per hour*
(2 hour minimum)

Studio Packages
5 hours* for $250.00

On-Site Recording
$75.00 per hour* (2 hour minimum)    

$50.00 per hour*

$30.00 per hour*
(Price includes CD LP's, Cassette, Mini
Disc, CD and Video Tapes)
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