• 6th Ave South is an American future funk band, formed on 6th Ave South in Jacksonville Beach in 2007. 
  • The band members are: 
  • Brad Rowe (guitar, vocals, keyboard)
  • Terry Singletary (bass)
  • John Metcalf (guitar) 
  • Josh McNeil, deceased (drums)
  • Phil Green (drums, electronic percussion, guitar)

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Basic Info
  • 6th Ave South ~ the history

The band's first record, All In Time (2010), established the band as a favorite of the jam band and improvisational funk and rock scene in Jax Beach. 

The newest, long anticipated second album, Margarita brings you right back to 6th Ave South in Jax Beach where you just wanna play in the sunshine all day! 

The origin of the band goes back as far as the Summer of 2004, when Phil Green was hosting a party at his home on 6th Ave South and heard Brad Rowe trying out his new loop pedal and 12 string guitar on his 2nd story balcony. When Brad finished his improv set, he was rewarded with a round of applause from the partygoers in Phil's yard. The next day, Brad was walking by when Phil stopped him and shared that he was owner of Green Team Media and producer for several Jax Beach bands at artists.

At Phil's behest...

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